The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Periodic Table of Food Initiative (PTFI) is an independent expert body, established to provide strategic guidance on PTFI’S overall direction, quality of science and its applications. SAC is accountable to, and appointed by the Funders Consortium Board (FCB). The SAC has a Chair appointed by the FCB, 6-8 members and one ex-officio member, the Technology Lead of PTFI.

The membership consists of internationally recognized scientists in the fields of analytical chemistry, nutrition, public health, agriculture, genomics, data science and plant and animal diversity. PTFI strives for balanced membership in terms of disciplinary mix, gender and geographic diversity. Members are appointed for three years with possible reappointment for an additional period of up to two years to ensure a staggered rotation of members and continuity of institutional knowledge.

Advisory Committee Members

Maria Andrade

Principal Scientist
International Potato Center (CIP- a CGIAR Center), Peru
Bruce German, PH.D.

Professor, Food Science & Technology
University of California, Davis
Anna Lartey

Professor of Nutrition
University of Ghana, Ghana
Dariush Mozaffarian

Special Advisor to the Provost, Dean for Policy
Tufts University, Boston, MA, USA
Manuel Ramirez-Zea

Institute of Nutrition for Central America and Panama (INCAP), Research Center for Prevention of Chronic Diseases (CIIPEC), Guatemala
Eran Segal

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Howard-Yana Shapiro

Senior Fellow
University of California, Davis, USA
Jennifer Van Eyk

Cedars-Sinai Precision Biomarker Laboratories, USA
Barbara Burlingame

Professor of Public Health and Food Systems, New Zealand