A global effort to create a public database of the composition and function of the food we eat.

The Periodic Table of Food Initiative (PTFI)

Our Vision

Food is at the center of the world’s most urgent challenges and largest opportunities. Given advances in the quality and cost of mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, machine learning and big data, along with the growing recognition of the important health impacts of food, the time is ripe for the PTFI.  

The PTFI will strengthen and support ongoing work by developing lowcost mass spectrometry kits, standards, methods, cloud-based analytical tools, and a public database that will include a quantitative and qualitative analysis of 1,000 foods that are representative of geographic and cultural diversity worldwide. Once the database is in place, the scientific community and private sector can build on this public resource by adding analysis of additional foods, varieties, and cooking methods. The PTFI technical platform will enable conditions for a rapid acceleration in research and innovation in both the public and private sectors.

Funding Partners

The PTFI will create a Funders Consortium Board with interested philanthropic partners to set strategy, identify priority issues for investment, and to create public goods using the PTF. Current funding partners include:







(more partners coming soon)

“A database that captures and quantifies the molecular content of food will revolutionize the agriculture, food and health sectors. Once in place, this publicly accessible database will be the greatest single knowledge asset in the history of food.”
Bruce German; Professor and Chemist, University of California Davis and Lead Scientist, Periodic Table of Food Initiative

Our Approach

The PTFI is a collaborative effort that will enable conditions for rapid acceleration in research and innovation.

Our Impact

The PTFI will help address issues such as allergies, biodiversity, disease, childhood nutrition, soil health, and more.

Our Team

The Core Team provides support to collaboratively design and implement the PTFI.